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This is the second time you're mentioning your new phone (when you only mentioned your new camera once). Did you get sponsored by Sony Ericsson ? As the Martin Parr of planning ?

Christian (actually thinking about getting a new phone)

I want a phone like that!

I'm very happy with the phone. And I'm not sponsored by Sony. Though almost everything electronic I buy is a Sony, I find it makes life a lot easier if you just pick one brand per product category and stick to it for your whole life.

Hmmmm. Interesting this. We were actually going to do this once to promote The Design Conspiracy. Buy an ice cream van, get it all kitted out, cover it in graphics. Kind of like Pimp My Ride but Skegness style. We were going to drive it over to prospective clients offices, give out ice creams, the works.

We were dead set on this idea. We were even bidding on some on eBay. Then one day we were chatting to our accountant (who has a bit of a reputation as a seer) and he thought we were mad. His point was that no matter how much money we spent, no matter how hard we tried, no matter how good the graphics were, we'd always look the a bunch of students in a clapped out smelly diesel van. "Even brand new ice cream vans look like clapped out old ones, and you're not even buying a brand new one" said he.

He was right. That was two years ago, and now whenever I see an ice cream van, and I've seen several promotional ones, I wonder if they look like a bunch of students in a clapped out smelly diesel van. And normally they do.

So. All this begs the question. Did this one look like a bunch of students in a clapped out smelly diesel van?

Interesting, some mobile operators here in Portugal, have been advertising this Sony Ericsson model as camera with a phone. An interesting role-function inversion. Yep the quality seems to speak for itself. Russell doesn't need to promote anything. Although I'm starting to believe that companies should start sending same free "sampling" of their products to bloggers :D I would only endorse brands/products in which I truly believe. Word of blogger!!

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