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Great point about the little things. Its high time we applied this to media/comms planning.

Is it still really effective to go for the big TV campaign - supported by the big print and Internet campaigns all nicely tied in? Or is it better to do many little things that place you among your target rather than talking at them? Different expressions of a single idea that can surprise and delight.

I sometimes wonder whether the expense of TV time in Europe/the size of client's budgets is a blessing in disguise :)

...."if you want yo get your ideas into the mix you have to surrender the credit"

I have found that getting the creatives involved in writing the brief, or articulating the key insight (heart of the brand/heart of the consumer) is a great way to do that. However the agency culture has to foster the confidance for that to happen.

I can remeber many heated discussions with other planners, at APG conferences, on that subject. Many feel that they are under constant pressure to justify their contributions. Sad but understandable I suppose, in today´s environment.

Other quotes. My current favorite is:

"Research is to see what everybody has seen but to think what nobody else has thought"

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
(The Hungarian Nobel scientist who discovered vitamin C, in case you were wondering)

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