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It's a top place!

It's a top place!

Love the look of that thing too. Now I must go to the One Stop Thali Cafe in Bristol and order takeout.

Cool - a friend of mine bought a tiffin carrier in one of Toronto's Chinatowns, & swears by it (she also enjoys the funny looks she gets from (a) non-asians who don't know what it is, & (b) asians who are surprised to see a black woman with one) .

Makes me proud to be an Indian and having eaten from one of these for years in school and college, i can clearly relate to the experience. Good luck guys!

man, why read such a lot of strat into it?
we call them DABBAS this side of the globe. it's an everyday thing.
mom packs lunch in the morning so you don't have to spend money on outside food.
that's just the point.
but sadly, half the time, the dabba-getters in the office think it more cool to eat at JavaCity or KFC.


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