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Russell, I'm loving the Moleskine blog entries. Gives things an entirely different feel!

yes. makes me write differently too.

Its been wonderful seeing the difference in your handwriting for those enteries done 'beach side' and those done back at the ranch.

It's a nice thought about being possibly more authentic - using handwriting as opposed to using powerpoint or other mediated technology. Interesting that a personality is so transparent through handwriting - graphologists of the world unite... I am currently producing my first overhead projector presentation for Royal Mail next week - as a result of the realisation some weeks ago that I am using too much mediated technology. I have always loved Nick Southgate's presentations incidently - usually no more than 3/4 slides - 6 words on each - I mean you just HAVE to listen to what he says - that IS the presentation. Problem is those who cant be there - those who need the V/O - but hey - in future - BE THERE then...

Recommend Edward R. Tufte's 'The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint' incidently - nice thinking, some of which was replayed at a recent MRS conference and an APG evening I seem to remember. Anyoen else remember doing overheads?

I've been handwriting powerpoint slides on a tablet pc for a while now. I really like how it works, and it seems to be quite engaging too. Gives people something else to think about when they're fed up of listening to you.


Having just read all your entries I feel a bit refreshed.

The beach scene with the tents was nice. So different from what I see here on Long Island,NY.
Don't those things block the ocean view for others? I wondered about that. Folks don't use them much here in New York. At least, on the Long Island beaches.

Welcome back.


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