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How about this one for an online agency?


At risk of this being a "my agency has a better name than yours" section, I completely agree. We always thought The Design Conspiracy was better than Gratrick Kent McCarthy Shaw Terrett.

It's always so disappointing when an exciting new start up names itself after the founders. This guys sums it up well with regards to Ol' Trev http://noisydecentgraphics.typepad.com/design/companies/index.html

I could forgive CHI if the work was more imaginative than the name - alas both the moniker and the reel are as inspiring as wet tarmac.

richard, what's up? you seem very grumpy these days?

Wet tarmac has in fact many wonderful features, such as testing traction and grip of tires and rubber soled shoes. Then again, I must agree that CHI should have opted for a more inspiring name. I assume the name HHCL is much more along the lines of what we are aiming for...

I guess you can't beat this one:
"Wexley School for Girls".

It's an advertising agency in Seattle, which came up with a rather hilarious short film for Nike: "Winner takes Steve" (visible on the website, in the "random" subsection of the "film department" section - www.wexley.com - the site is as weird as the name).

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