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I have one question and one rambling.
The question is: given the differentiation brands are achieving in different areas, do you think planning will be more and more territory-related (meaning: it will be difficult for an italian born and raised planner to move to the UK or to the USA)? This question leads to my rambling:
since agencies are asking planners thoughts outside the usual advertising (prints, tv, otdoors...), I feel like account planners will merge more and more with city planners, those guys who have to consider where to put supermarkets or malls.
Does it makes any sense?

I think the blog thing is very true. Its communication at its most personal level.

It also filters from/through the idea that the shop assistants are your most important workers as they speak with your customers everyday.

Effective planning is surely going to encompass a wider and wider net as the continuing march of technology brings buyers and sellers together online in a much deeper fashion.

One image I like is of 4 guys looking at a bilboard advert with an animal.

The first says "its a gorilla!"
The second says "no, its a chimpanzee!!"
The third says "Isnt it an ape?"
The fourth guy turns and says "Actually, I think youll find its a poster."


Nice thought Rob. Personally I still think it is about two things: firstly it is about understanding human beings better and then understanding the appropriatness of certain moments of connection using respect, reward and relevance as filters. We will probably be known as Audience Engagement Technicians or somesuch (just kidding folks). Secondly I think we will become more responsible for providing the inspiration that leads to innovation both internally and for clients. And yes I too have a blog Russell and think all planners should as a pre-requisite.

You see, this is working.

These are all already better thoughts than any I was going to have. I'm traveling a bit right now, so I can't reply in depth - but I'll post some more thoughts on Monday.

I came across your blog via your recent AdlandRants posting and quite agree about planning and blogging's connection.

Your essay about what planners do also struck a chord. I have grown tired of answering the question "what do you do, anyway" so I am relieved to discover you have neatly answered the question in a format that I can share with infidels and non-believers.

BTW our planning department blog is here, you might like it. Or you might hate it, in which case please make a controversial comment! Actually, please feel free to make a comment in either case.


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