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sounds like a great idea! i'll definitely be checking this out, if not participating (too busy these days...)

Sounds good. I'm down.

nice one! I found that feedback on spec work, thought-pieces etc for planners is really hard to come by, and since I'm working on putting a book together I'd like to include other work as well as the day-to-day stuff.

Think it will be really interesting to see what people come up with - will there be a choice of tasks?

Comment above made me laugh - reminds me of a time a few yers ago at Uni where I kept responding to a suggested meeting date "I'm down with Monday" and the flustered professor was like,
"Well then what about Tuesday? No? Wednesday then? What? ... Hang on - is 'down' an affirmation or negative?"

Russell that's the best idea ever. I must say you gave me such an opening point of view on how to be a planner in just two days of creative brief course two years ago, I just can't wait to read the first assignment.
Thank you, really beautiful

yup, great idea, count me in. Do I get extra points if I use a triangle?

So let's get started already. Still can't believe someone in advertising (or who used to be in advertising) can be so generous with their time but it is inspiring.

this is a fabulous idea!! you cannot imagine how happy you made me!

It's genius.

I´d like to give it a try. Might be fun to see how others tackle the problem.

I've just watched your video over a ham salad baguette. Fantastic stuff, can't tell you're a frustrated comedy writer! I wonder how many planners started this morning with a triangle?

I think this Account Planning School Of The Web is gonna be big.

That's the best idea I've heard in quite a while. Count me in!

That's the best idea I've heard in quite a while. Count me in!

Well, it sounds like people are liking this. I'll post the first 'task' tomorrow.

You had me at "poisoning the minds of young planners".

This would be a wonderful opportunity. I'm definately submitting. I'm so glad I saw this on the 31st and not the 14th :)

Happy Pumpkin Night.

Seeing as you mentioned Mr Godin... He featured us in his "500 companies that make things happen" book a while ago. But I always thought that 500 was a little to common to be truly remarkable?


i'm down.

Great idea, I'm in.

just another question. Is The Big Moo a good read?

Yes. it is a good read. And a quick one. There's not a whole heap that's new and breakthrough in it. But it's pacey, smart and full of reminders and good stories about stuff we should probably all already know or be doing. But that we probably aren't.

What an excellent idea! I have been trying to get into planning. This is my chance!

I'm in!

Brilliant idea! Top 5!

This is fabulous idea ... what an opportunity for those still on training wheels.

I have pulled together a bunch of people on this one.

Look fwd. to the post.

Great!!!!! I would add a space to chat and comment about the documents.

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