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Thanks for pointing to that - I've been watching his old travel shows recently and he's brilliant.

Thanks also for suggesting that you'd never employ a planner without a blog. I've just joined Goodby Silverstein in San Francisco and got started on typepad on a long Sunday afternoon. It's nothing more than my musings about the city - not much brand/planning stuff yet - but I find I'm really enjoying it. Nice to have somewhere to dump all those random thoughts.

I started blogging for a couple of reasons but it scares me to pieces and I still wake up in the night with heart thumping.

I read other blogs and wish I could be as eloquent. There are some great writers out there. I like this, Russell's blog, cause it's so thoughtful and gently funny at times.

I've got a couple of people who encourage me when I wobble, so I'll take this space to say good luck with the blogging.

Seems like you're doing fine to me Carol, your blog's great. Thoughtful and interesting.

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