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Russell. You've struck a chord with me! I'm as (continually) disappointed as you are. I think its hardwired into our DNA to suffer in silence and disbelief as a melee of crazy Belgians and assorted others swarm around us.

I think the worst example of this comes in the ski lift lines in the French Alps. This is when continentals seem to be at their most savage and elemental. Form a straight line? PAH!

Honestly I feel counted in.
I'm italian, a country who (with Israel as well) substitued the meaning of the word "queue" with the significate of "brawl".
We all beg your pardon, Russell.

It's that firey Latino temprament rising to the fore again. I've noticed that here in Paris the only way to get anything done is to bitch, moan, wail, louder than the next person in line...

But it does feel good to let out that pent-up frustration.

I booked a flight 2 weeks ago to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (where a weekend rendez-vous was waiting for me) in order to find out that due to some bla bla problems my flight was postponed for the day after. In the end I didn't go to Amsterdam :(

I can't deal with people who cut in line or otherwise break the 'queue rules'. And I'm Swedish. Go figure. Pushing is the worst, don't stand so close to me!

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