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I hope you don't have a legal age or something because I intend to send mine too :D

Hmmmmmmm.... Interesting. It's a very very very broad brief and on first glance I find it hard to think about how to start. Any brand? Any audience?

My initial thought is that 'lesson 1' was much easier to compare entries like-for-like, whereas this time it's going to be very tricky to hold up submissions side by side. I'm sure there'll be some worthwhile learnings though...

I'm having problems sending it by email. Although it's only 221KB, I get an over quota return mail.

To what address should I mail it?

Sorry. I think my mailbox is filling up and I haven't had time to empty it. Perhaps try again tomorrow?


So excited to see comments from the second assignment. Russell, do you have an idea of when you might begin to post something?

I've just stumbled on to your site.
is it too late for me to play.
i'm a creative, I thinking about jumping over to the planning side.
Are there going to be anymore assignments?


It'd be excellent to have you aboard. The next one will be around Feb 1st.

Are there any Connection Planners participating in this blog? I'm curious - what do Account Planners think about the concept of a Connection Planner? Some agencies have very blurred lines between the two disciplines.

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