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hearty congratulations. being published is a real stamp of approval i think (especially if people buy it too !)

i dream of having some of my pictures published, but i'm not sure a compendium of lost gloves would be great reading !

so how did you photograph lost gloves? ghostly images? i wrote a short story about odd socks: maybe we should get them together. could be the beginning of a great love story.

Russell, I'm so happy for you, seriously. Congratulations.
I put a post on my website about it, I hope it's ok for you

(italian post)

(english post)

Beautiful! Congrats.

I've only heard tales of these magnificent meals.

will you be giving free samples of greasy food stuck on each page to emulate the traditional egg-stuck-on-a-badly-washed-plate ?

ellen - my gloves are here:
(it's quite a big page !)

Amazon says:

Customers who bought books by Russell Davies also bought books by these authors:

Ronald Searle
Geoffrey Willans
Melissa P.
Wayne Gould

Now, ideally, I expect you'd like to see that your customers also bought books by an impressive selection like Baudrillard, Chomsky and the Rev Awdry, but the Willans and Searle overlap is appropriate and flattering. However, Melissa P. is the author of 'One Hundred Strokes of the Brush before Bed', a book of supposedly autoboigraphical porn by an Italian schoolgirl. Apparently she writes: 'I want love, diary. I want to feel my heart melt, to see the stalactites of my ice shatter and sink in the river of passion, of beauty.' Seems a far cry from the ebcb.

Meanwhile, Wayne Gould seems to have written an inexplicably large number of Sudoku puzzle books. Very strange.

I know. The Willans/Serle thing is because the other Russell Davies (who amazon think I am) wrote a biography of Ronald Searle. Not sure about 1000 strokes of the brush. It's currently being bundled as a package with my book - I can't see any relationship, I presume someone bought both at some point and Amazon's algorithms have decided that it'd make a good combination. Very odd.

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