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Thanks for the first assignment.I keep coming across beans today... :)

Are you still in Oregon? If not check out the Branston FPC in the London Metro (p6). Interesting way for a challenger product to proceed. Now that it's out there that's one less way to tackle your brief...

If you're still stateside I can e-mail you the ad.

Ill definitely have a go if I get time after filling in graduate applications and working!!

Errrrm, can I have a quick go?

Based that they've got great distribution, the retailers are behind them and ... basically ... it's the same bean bar a few miniscule differences, I'd position the Boodlez Bean as the 'Power Bean' ... a bean that celebrates 'a change in the air' ... blatantly [and not very subtley] playing off the 'fart' benefit most people associate with the bean.

Rob, surely 'Boodlex Beans Clear The Air' would be a more fun idea!

Yes Andy ... it would ... so thanks for showing me up! Git.

so much hot air on the web...

Rob, I thought I made it very clear that I didn't want you to take it too seriously.

Air Canditioning?

Damn! I wish I had found this blog just a few days earlier. Sounds like fun.

Paul - Don't worry. There'll be another along in a couple of weeks.

I'll be waiting...

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