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hello! i would like to thank and congratulate you all: on one hand, Russell, for the idea and for the careful comments, and, on the other hand, of course, the ones who submitted their analyses, for their fresh and interesting suggestions.
getting in touch with so many great samples of good thinking is a perfect opportunity for anybody, especially for those -like me :) - who value learning from anything, and mostly from this type of exercises.
especially since i come from Romania, and things are not as open and as evolved here as you guys have there :). and it's simply a thrill to learn from and take part in such projects.
keep up the good work!

Great. I just finished my book. Now I have something to read over the weekend.

Wonderful work by the participants! The comments and suggestions were just as insightful. This is as good as ad-planning schools will get! Can't wait for the next task.

Great work and very important comments by Russell Davies. Thank you.

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