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Cheers for that matey.

Two down, twelve to go...

Fancy coming to see Melt Banana (Japanese art-punk) at the Garage on Sunday 20th Nov then? Or is it more the conceptual nature of doing the same thing every night for a fortnight that appeals? In which case, maybe you should try a fortnight of going to leisure complexes and seeing a multiplex movie/eating a deep pan pizza/going ten pin bowling/ etc? But I'm not coming.

Well, yes, it's more the idea of actually going out in the evening rather than just staying at home drumming/blogging/working/watching telly. But I like the challenge implicit in your tone and will take you up on it. I'd love to join you at The Garage for some Melt Banana. Let's do it. Will you get tickets?

Tix booked. Nipponese noise assault, here we come.

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