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I shall take a listen tomorrow, sounds good though!

Track three doesn't work, but I figured out your URL system:

track 3 should be fixed now. thanks pete

this was really entertaining and relaxing to listen to. :) great job!

I was dismayed recently when calling in and put on hold by W+K London to discover that our hold music was 'Dark Side of the Moon'. Not a bad thing, you may say, Russell. But I didn't fight in the punk wars to have the Floyd as our hold music. So now we have your slime mold CD. (At least unless someone has changed it to Jethro Tull without telling me.)

bless you Neil. Amsterdam used to do that and it always startled me everytime I called. Seemed like a mistake or something. Be prepared for puzzled reactions from people on hold - especially with the last track which has a lot of silence and noise.

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