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What a great cover. What's the album called?

It's ambiguous and unsettling - have the old folk been kicked out of the garden by the young hipsters, or are they welcoming you in?

They don't make them like they used to.

I guess I should have been clearer. The album's called Unhalfbricking.

Aah, the seventies. When album covers were designed to be examined at length like sacred tablets. This one is a beauty. One to study while you wonder to yourself, 'What, exactly, is unhalfbricking anyway?'
There's a great Taschen book, '1000 Record Covers' and, if you're of a certain age and a certain type, leafing through it evokes all sorts of memories of an adolescence spent flicking through the racks of vinyl in Virgin Records back when Virgin Records was a cool place to be. Especially if you were wearing an RAF greatcoat and looking for Force It by UFO. Or was that just me?

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