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Russell, being tired of carrying around Ipod, digital camera and cell phone I was thinking of buying this phone as well.
I used to have a Sony Ericsson Z600 and I had many problems with the line: most of the time I was unreachable while with Nokia there was always rooming.
Did you ever experienced anything like that?

I have been rocking this phone for a couple months until it just died. It is frankly awesome - I used the camera shedloads and the mp3 too.

Spinning is good, but encourages theft so maybe they want to think about that! My fave feature is just fidgeting the lens cover open and shut again and again, and marvelling at the fact that it's conspicously solid metal and hence feels different to the rest of the phone.

The Sony Ericsson W800i is similar to the K750i in terms of functionality, but falls short on the spinning front. No spinning fun.

i usually spin all my phones (all nokias). i was really miffed when the 6630 came out with a rubber gasket thingy that was so anti-spin, it was one of the main things i didn't like about the phone. moved on, of course. the n70 spins quite well, thank you.

as for fidgitability, i've spent many hours (personal interest) trying to understand it and see how one could capitalize on the behaviour. yes!

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