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Hey, you're having fun with those Lenses aren't you? I didn't know until the other day that it's a Seth Godin project. Very interesting.

That Presentation Zen site is really good, the kind of stuff you'd hope people would know but obviously they don't - hence Death by PowerPoint.

Oh and lastly, I don't think anyone ever thought Account Planning School Of The Web was stupid.


i read Grant McCracken's posts on the blogging business school, and then i read your first comment on them and i know i might sound kind of stupid, but i was wondering something like: what are the characteristics of a good blog in your opinion? what does it actually take for a blog to be good?


blimey Diana. Good big questions. I think there's lots of ways for a blog to be good. Like there's lots of ways for a book to be good.

But I like:

1. People who are good at compressing - they can get a lot of thought/story/idea into a few words.

2. People who can be compelling about stuff I know nothing about. The great thing about blogs is the micro-focus on esoteric and exotic subjects.

3. Personally I like to find out a little about the person writing the blog. Not just what they know, but who are they.

4. I like more spontaneous writing, people who obviously haven't considered stuff much, they're just pouring thoughts onto the screen.

5. Funny's good.

6. And numbered points.

7. Er. That's it. What do you think?

that makes a lot of sense. thank you!

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