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Well Russell, reading back your general comments on this post and reading your thoughts on my presentation I think that maybe what happens is that we unconsciously try to impress you with how deep and how insightful our thoughts may be (wich is a bit like trying to impress Pete Rose by hittin' a softball homerun...).
Honestly I guess I mistook your "tell a story to pict a brand" with verbosity (and that's too bad for an ex-copywriter).
Anyway, thank you again so much for going through all our homeworks no matter the flu.


Ah, one more thing. My verbosity is partially explainable with the fact that I can't use my hands on Power Point chart. And hands for italians are half of the speech...

Pleasing Planning Punditry.

Russell, you don't just talk the talk.

This summer I'd distilled to ninety proof and sent a one page email to a client.

Got back an email in two seconds - "Bottom Line?".

Can't stop saying it now...

Thank you for your comments and time.

We are submitting so that we can learn and get better. Only pats on the back would be disappointing. No need to apologize for your critiques.

Russell you should direct people to your top ten tips on presenting over at the APG website. I recently did a super important presentation and its success was by and large based on the fact that I approached it with your tips in mind.


patronising? not a chance! it's entirely a matter of great help. it's really wonderful to learn from you.

as far as I am concerned, it was a double help. On one hand, more and more ideas were coming to me while I was developing the project itself (and I just didn’t have any time left to change it). Also clues of potential errors, some of which you confirmed. On the second hand, I completely agree with your observations and I can only thank you for the feedback and for spending your time helping like this.

Russell, I've just been reading the latest assignments and I wondered if you might consider making the next brief about the "grey" market, the 50+'ers.

For three reasons:

1. At the moment brand / marketing people go on and on about the "grey market".

2. I presume most of your students are quite young (certainly the brands they reference are) and this will force them out of their comfort zone and to think about an area they've (probably) not thought about before.

3. And lastly, as you said about Andy Law's book, "full of really interesting theories which have never been tested on any significant, diffcult brand. It’s always IKEA or someone like that. And everyone can do something interesting with IKEA".

Sorry, that was a bit long. And you're on holiday now. I'm off tomorrow. Merry Christmas.

thank you for having time to read this stuff and most of all for helping us get better at it :)

merry christmas

now that i'm reading the presentation in ms office, it looks ugly. sorry about that, i'll make it a pdf one next time

Dear Russell,

The Web School is so great! I definitely will take part of it the next time. I just want to thank you and the "students" who had sent their assignments - I´ve already learnt very important stuff :o)

Kisses for you all!

thanks Ju, very kind, stay tuned for a new, and hopfully better, assignment.

Hi, Russel.
I´m a copywriter from Brazil, and it's been a great pleasure read your blog and the stuffs from your Web Planning School. I hope i can produce something to show you, despite my limited english knowledge. At least, you'll have ideas in very few words.

hi i have to do an assignment on the 'grey market'50+ so i was just wondering if i would be able to get more information about it. thank u

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