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What would be a good reason for having a teepee in soho square? a herd of indians?

Exactly. There is no good reason. It's almost inevitably going to be disappointing.

And are 'herd' and 'indians' the words you should be using?

Would it be disappointing if it had a plate of egg bacon chips and beans in it?

Probably protest. Probably disappointing.

If someone just decided to live there... not disappointing.

I didnt notice that the other day, must have been looking away!

There was a cleaners strike on at Canary Wharf the other day though!

I've just walked past here and there were loads of inquisitive people stood outside. After a few minutes a young lady popped out of the teepee and said, "Hello, where are you from?"

Still no idea what it's for.

Ben Terrett, RDTV News, live from Soho in Central London.

Could I please use your pic on my blog. I will give you credit for the same.


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