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I was just browsing for interesting photos and came upon this journal of yours. I can truly appreciate the work and heart you've put into it. I stuck to the shots moreover the text but your eye has a nice head behind it. Thank you.

that's very kind. thanks.

Oh dear ...

Russell, please take care of yourself, I think you're becoming a teensy-weensy ill.

Oh robert, i think you're taking the company name too literally. You need to find time for the timeless, contemplative things of life.

Like Fairport Convention.

Pull on your slippers, grab that volume of The Great Days of Steam from the special train-spotting section on your bookshelf, tamp some high-quality shag into the old briar and gaze thoughtfully into the fire while the serving classes draw water from the well for your bath.

Or something.

Sorry, that last comment was me. I'm posting from anne's computer.

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