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I think your idea for repurposing phone booths as a private space for difficult conversations is fantastic.

Add soundproofing and a person could let loose in a way one cannot or a least should not on a cell.

Good call.

I have found myself in phone boxes while on my mobile twice in the past year...

once because I couldn't hear who I was talking to cos of traffic noise, so I ducked into the nearest phone box

and once because I was arguing on the phone and quite embarassed

it was very comforting being inside them - leaning on the phones, fidgiting with the cable and coin return tray. like the old days.

I suggest we create boxes on each corner without phones in for this purpose. Also people on their mobiles dont look where they're walking!!

I like visiting backwards and forwards (across the pond).

I like being foreign. I try hard not to understand what's the what. "Mind the Gap" still seems profound to me.

My first thought on seeing your photo was "I don't make those hard calls, and I should". I had no idea it was an army ad, not important either.

It's Monday tomorrow. Make that tough call.

funny, that's how i often get some of my best ideas too. misinterpreting something that leads to something i never would have "normally" thought of.

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