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I think we should form a society of people who hate Februarys! We could have a month-long annual meeting (how about this February?) in someplace warm and sunny to analyze what's wrong with that wretched month!

I saw your ad about weekend staff wanted (on the door... next to the 'open' sign)

I would be very much like to apply for the job. I am sure I could keep things ticking over at the weekends and free up your time for freestyle, open-source, video blogging - what is the rate of pay?

Very generous offer. Actual work can be a distraction from blogging.

Pay? I knew there was something I should have remembered. How do I make money from doing this? You see, I'm a child of the first dotcom boom when we didn't have to worry about that, it was all about the stock-price. Oh hang on, there's no stock.

I guess if I ever make any money from selling ebcb badges I could pay you with that.

Hey! I bought more than 10% of the available quota of ebcb t-shirts!!! You mean that wasn't enough to allow you working just for the fun of it instead that than for making a living?
Anyway whatever ebcb merchandising you'll do in the future, I'm down.
I think I could be the only italian with such a penchant for the typical english breakfast...

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