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Russell, thanks for posing the question. I'm going to give this a try in the near future and let you know how I get on trying to weave it into the negotiations...

i think you are certainly right about this. Ad agencies may need to learn to be better curators. Social networks such as Flickr have begun to compile and organize the ads we let be forgotten. perhaps advertising could learn to love advertising a bit more. - could there be something psychological going on here?


I suspect you're taking the piss here. But I'm not sure. Forgive the ignorance of a dumb planner. Is this a completely impractical idea? Or is it something everyone's already doing?

...one more thought on this....i think part of the problem is trying to figure it out as an internal issue. brands live out in the market...can we help curate that?...perhaps help organize what is already going on...conect it up.

my sense is that if you want ot build a cult for your brand the worst thing to do is to try and focus on ownership...think of how badly that mindset has served the record industry. agencies should think of ways of fueling the cult of a brand so the "long tail" lives out in the marketplace on it's own wind behind the sail.

the ads are also more deeply connected to other cultural narrative if they are cultivated that way. see the search tags people associate with ads they collect and archive. that is a crucial part of the story. you miss this if it done as a purely corporate initiative.

Russell - Great thoughts. You and I are on the same wavelength!

As a hobby, I'm archiving/tagging/discussing hundreds of great, good, and bad *online* ads -- perhaps the most transient form of advertising of all -- for posterity:


Check out our small but growing collection and please encourage your readers to submit their work to us. We accept everything and will give creative/agency credit.

We've even got a bunch of Super Bowl online ads up for discussion:



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