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Gee Russell, you're so right.

I received a copy (poster size, uh, so bad) of the calendar after an invitation to the presentation of it.

I thought I was one of the very few to dislike it, everybody was so "oh the pictures by miss von hunvert are soo beautiful".

The agency is Armando Testa, in Turin...

I've posted a reaction on my blog, so it will show up on a google blog search for the next day or so anyway:


I changed the title and the direction changed too. Sorry!


If you've ever watch Italian television, I don't think you'd be too surprised by this [unfortunate] imagery. If meant as camp humor in Italy, it just goes to show the pitfalls of Pan-European and Global advertising.

Hmm... Some would argue that this sort of consumer activism is "more press" and "there is no such thing as bad PR". Fools!

PS - i wanted to let you know that you are in the battle of the ad blogs. Best of luck!

Italian television for the most part is absolutely stupid. But having cable TV I don't see that much difference from other tv markets like US for example.

The thing is in too many occasion italian agencies has not been counselors to the clients, just executing their guidelines. I think from an advertising education point of view we are very immature... a further proof of this are many of the italian blogs on the subject: just showing cool campaigns from other countries and complainings how we are never able to to them here.

We are lacking people like those contributing to this blog. People who really think advertising can be pushed a bit forward.


So are you saying Italy is the place for people who know how to consult on advertising???

On the Italian TV difference, I travel often and sometimes catch a moment of Italian TV on hotel cable - invariably in the evening I see scantily clad women prancing around a middle aged host. I have lived in America for nearly 20 years, but given what I read about the religious right there, no one could have that style of programing, could they?

Could you imagine the target market profile. Frustrated middle aged sales men with liberal expense accounts, attracted to the nostalgia of one day being a flight captain and taking on his cabin crew. Nice on. having said that, it is italian.

Sorry - it should have read, "I have NOT lived in America in nearly 20 years..."

Never mind the crass sexist stupidity of the execution what about the 'express yourself' strategy? Completely devoid of any insight whatsoever. What is it with coffee agencies eh? How about 'it's all about you' from Nescafe!

hello Richard,

you're back. how are you?

you're right of course, I could live with the crass if it wasn't also so dumb.


I'm saying that sometimes it's really difficult being a counselor, because we are not just a nation of poets, musicians and explorers. We are also creatives, marketing managers, researchers and strategists.
So you end up fronting people who are sure they heave the right answer always on the spot to whatsoever problem... That makes the exchange kind of hard...

Hey Russell, there's been an interesting lecture yesterday in Milan related to this.

you can read a report and some thoughts here:


Well ! At least it's not an English lady ! If it was I would been put off coffee for the rest of my life ! LooooooooooooL !

...to which we could add the tab "French"

Thank you for directing me to this product. I will be purchasing it in the future.

what a wonderfully striking campaigne! excellent pictures, excellent image. top marks from me. ;-)

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