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Well, they should change the venue to Great Russel Street then.

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behave yourself and don´t be rude!
you are not mick jagger, dear...your name is due to be mispelled.
(and - what difference makes a single "L" at the end of a name where already there´s another L?...)

Talking about Lavazza... here in Italy there's a huge competitor of Lavazza called Vergnano whose brand name is dangerously close to my last name. I am always being called Vergnano from everybody.

A small anedocte (like anyone cares): incidentally I am also the planner of Cafè Vergnano.
So you can imagine the first time I met the client
"Hello, I'm Mr. Vergnano"
"Hello, I'm Luca Vergano"
The guy looked at me like I was pulling his leg.

Giuliana, fair point, maybe I'm being snotty. But I'm not arguing for special treatment, I think spelling people's name right is just basic politeness. And quite a good signal of the care you'll take of them. Or not.

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