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First off, thanks for plucking the most relevant from all the writings on the Edge. More, making sense of it all.
Where do you find the time?

A few random thoughts
1. On electronic communications tools: computers are becoming more human-like as people are becoming more computer like. I'm struck by how often people today would rather e-mail than call or come by one's office. I've been to agencies where the phones don't ring for this reason. Even folks sharing an office e-mail each other. It's more effiicient. But souless. That's what I think anyway. But then, I'm the senstive sort.
2. How we make decisions: According to Mapping the Mind (a book on how the brain works written for the layman) the left and right sides of the brain "talk" to each other. True, we make decsions based on emotion, but a functional reason or rationalizing, helps give us the ultimate go-ahead.
3. Do movies and ads change and/or influence behavior. Well, sure. Don't we want ads to change behavior? Create needs where there were none before. And how can we deny that violent movies desensitize us. In the States now there are all these prime-time shows that depict gory operations and autoposies. At first, I found it revolting. Now, it's just ordinary. What next?
4. Did you read the selection about too many memes in the world. We're overloaded it seems and we're danger of mental explosion. Well, I feel this way. But then, I'm not 25 years old. Neither is the writer of the selection. Which brings me to wonder how the age of the writer impacts view of where we're going. Getting back to people becoming computer-like - well maybe we've always been on this path. Maybe it's part of evolution.
5. Lastly, (I have gone on haven't I? Too much coffee) about the so-called fact that 'There has yet to be a single US president buried under the same flag he was born under' Are we talking national flags? If so, there are a number of Presidents for which this is not true: Kennedy and Reagan to name two. Or maybe I'm not understanding the intent of the statement.

That's it. Again, thanks for all your postings. It's a good place to go at the end of the day. Claire

Stewart Brand also posited a number of "dangerous" (if not new) ideas for environmentalists in a May 2005 Technology Review article. This included a re-consideration of nuclear power. He has also recently endorsed a novel about the American nuclear power industry written by a longtime nuclear engineer that's designed to give the general public a clear picture of how a US nuclear plant is operated (warts and all) and how an accident might be handled. This book is available at no cost on the net. See http://RadDecision.blogspot.com.

My dangerous idea for the day:

Sushi pop-tarts

I'm also not understanding the statement, 'There has yet to be a single US president buried under the same flag he was born under'. Maybe a state flag would apply, but it's still the law that no foreigner can become an American President although the Republican party wavered on this one when Arnold Schwarzenegger became Governor for California. He's an Austrian.

America keeps changing. They keep adding States. So the flag keeps changing.

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