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Russell you rock! I hope a publisher picks up on this. They publish Jeremy Bullmore after all. Thank you! PS I mentioned you as a favourite blog at normblog - did you see that?

Thanks so much Russell,

I realized that one of the most useful things about this is getting me to think about style beyond what my current supervisors look for. I have worked under two very strong and experienced planners and learned their ways of answering these kinds of questions. Now having your opinions on what works as well is just helping to broaden my perspective and help me find my own style.

I hope that makes sense--thanks!

Thanks Russell :)

Sorry for my "ALL CAPS" response - common practice in our company when answering different questions within an email - not intended to 'shout' it out...

I would love to explain further the 'why' behind some of the ideas you liked that were purposefully condensed per your brief... but will spare you the details!

Thanks for this. Jerry


I'm tempted to say 'never apologise, never explain' but I won't.

Don't worry about the caps. And I think resisting the temptation to explain is one of the things we all have to learn. Especially if we've actually got people on board. If they're on board it's probably better to find out why they think it's good than persuade them of your reasons.

thanks for playing.

You´re my only help"

Do all brands have a specific target? In a category with a huge penetration (bread / cookies) and with little difference in terms of price positioning, do we need to target them to someone specifically? (I am not saying "working moms" here. I mean "Kelly, the exotic dancer that loves her son" kind of target) When my brand is a plain white-sliced-bread brand that everybody eats, can I make it different - can I brand it - "ignoring" the target?

Is it too late to join in the fray?

rob - yes. too late. sorry.

Juliana - I dont think you should ignore the target, but you don't have to make a target description a central element of your strategy. Sometimes you have to build something good and then see who it might be right for.

That's not very helpful is it?

I guess a more honest answer would be. I don't know. And/or - do whatever gets you to interesting stuff.

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