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:( I've downloaded the file, but cannot open it!? "m4v" is this the right file extension? Cheerio.

Hi Russell,

Crispin Porter + Bogusky won Agency of the Year yet again from Creativity Magazine. The magazine's criteria were simple: they just did it better, "Great ideas that come from great audience insight, executed with greatness, win." Sounds like planning is integral in the agency's success, but CPB is infamous for its executional creativity. Any hypotheses on how planning works at this agency and how it contributes to CPB's seemingly unstoppable momentum?

m4v should work (it's an itunes/ipod format I believe) but I'll try and save it as something else too.

Sarah - thanks for the question, I got it too late for this week, and frankly I don't know much about CPB - but I'll try and come up with some thoughts too.

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