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Yours is definitely the best of that lot. Wouldn't the Fallon one be a company promotional one, plus it looked 20 days old, hmmmm.

Russell, you've got 62% of the vote! yay!

It's actually less than 10 days. And I agree Russell's is the best.

We only discovered in the last 2 days that anyone outside our department reads it.

Good luck Russell.

where the link gone ? where do we vote ?

or is it a cunning way of working out which of us read your blog via RSS (where the link does show up ok) ?

the link is still showing up here, as far as I can see - but here it is again, just incase - http://ad-rag.com/battleoftheadblogs/

russeel, voted. catch up soon re: conference. rob

The first post ever although I take a look at your blog at least once a week. It's always - let's say - a great pleasure to read. You definitely get my vote. But you're already leader of the pack.

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