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A really interesting thought - using a blog like an ideas greenhouse. Or maybe a Lego is a better metaphor as ideas?

Simon Waldman at The Guardian has an interesting take on this. He talks about the importance of permanence to becoming part of the web. By permanence he means being able to find something and link to it. This allows people to piece together information and build bigger ideas.

Hi Russell,
I like the idea of seeing the blog as something personal, light and not extremelly comitted to anything or any audience.
Sometime ago I had a felling that a blog must have brilliant thoughts in each post and this idea made me afraid of blogging.

This personal long tail is also a double-edged sword, as we recognize that more of our personal media available and persistent online also means more of our personal media available for manipulation, addition, and extension - with good and bad results. As the accumulation of the tail increases and draws our our own personal target audience, the interest and attention alone begin to breed their own derivative content.

I think rather than Chris Anderson, your real inspiration should be Geoff Boycott. He didn't really think about scoring centuries - every single run accumulated was a personal triumph for him. This is why he wasn't that bothered about hitting fours and sixes - far too flashy and indeed risky. Every forward defensive push through mid on meant his mighty batting average got a tiny bit better.

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