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Poptech is really good. It's held in Maine every year. All about the fusion of technology and culture-great speakers.

thanks ed,

I've heard about Poptech but never gotten to go. For those who don't know you can download a whole bunch of audio from previous Poptechs at the ITconversations website - which is great. http://www.itconversations.com/series/poptech2005.html

Poptech's great. Also, for up-and-coming conference in this space that combines the intimate size of RSW's eg with next-generation agenda topics and speakers, also look into PUSH2006, in Minneapolis in June.

The site is: http://www.pushthefuture.org/registration.asp

And, if you decide you'd like to attend, I believe you can get a discount until end-February with the promotional code:

It sounded really interesting and stimulating. Wish I had been there. But you are right about the thin veneer of civilisation - our high-tech world is probably irrelevant to the majority of the world's population. Regards,Andrew

I'd also recommend IdeaCity, a similarly random (in a good way) mix of speakers and people held in Toronto every June. I've been the last 2 years and found it hugely inspiring.
I really love that there's more and more of this stuff happening.

I was fortunate to attend a few TED conferences while at Sony (one of their sponsors) and felt it was like going to a spa for your brain. Interesting and passionate speakers and impressive audience. btw, did you hear Lloyd Braun from yahoo speak? some of the gossipy tech blogs said it was a train wreck.


A quick thank you for the tips. I've spent the last 8 months working on a project to demonstrate the ways the 10 million nonprofits, NGOs and social-benefit organizations around the globe can create or leverage network effects for social change via the world wide web. It's coming together at the endo of May in a conference. We've organized something close to what you describe in the opening paragraphs of this post.

You've inspired us to make sure someone is standing on the stage w/ a stopwatch and moving the agenda/speakers along.

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