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Cool, didn't know we were somewhat flexible on the deadline. Could definitely use another few days here, got some ideas but no time to flesh them out yet...

well, I shouldn't allow any flexibility really but February is such a miserable month we all have to hang together when we can.

Let's just pretend Feb has 30 days and make the deadline Feb 30th.

Russell, are you serious?
this would be great, for I still have to finish the paper and I could be a little bit more relaxed if the deadline is not tonight...

Yes. The deadline is now Feb 30th. But no later.

Sorry - don't follow the UK calendar. Does that mean the deadline is 2 March - now effectively day after tomorrow?

The UK calendar is the same as everyone else's. I'm joking. Yes. March 2nd.

Haha brilliant.

There's a couple interviews that Grant did with Debbie Millman's Design Matters last year (2005).

Part One: http://www.business.voiceamerica.com/ez/index.php/plain/business/shows/advertising_marketing_public_relations/design_matters_with_debbie_millman/culture_by_mccracken_anthropological_reflections_on_contemporary_culture_2_25_05

Part Two: http://www.business.voiceamerica.com/ez/index.php/plain/business/shows/advertising_marketing_public_relations/design_matters_with_debbie_millman/culture_by_mccracken_part_2_3_4_05

He's also going to be on this Friday (March 3, 2006)

Hello Russell,

I have joined the APSW, with much trepidation, and have posted my assignment #4 online on my new weblog: http://www.bbdo-u.com/blog.

I was not clear where to send the assignment...

Thanks for having a look,
BBDO University

My response is online here:

I'd love to hear what the other students think, a peer review of sorts...

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