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I too think all horoscopes are bollocks. However, I just called up the birthday colour of 4 passing designers and all of them said it was pretty much their favourite colour. Hmmm.

The Pantone thing is very suspicious.

This is based on synaesthesia - the condition whereby abstracts like numbers, days of the week and months of the year are strongly associated with a specific colour/taste/sound/touch.

But the idea that the condition could be anything other than a neurological mix-up is nonsense.

Also there is no universal set of colour associations for synaesthetes. The idea that anyone can empirically declare that May 18 is 'withered rose' is stupid at best, if not actually offensive.

Do I sound like a contributor to Points of View?

I stumbled upon this site a year ago researching personality tests for a client, and like most I found this concocted and a little too far-fetched for Pantone.

If it had some entertaining value, I may considering passing it along.

The following example by Mini is a fun psychological test ...no predictions or deep insights based on birthdays...

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