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Ken's fantastic... saw him at McCann's i:m-e conference in Berlin in '99 or '00, he made an extremely lucid speech on the need to rejig the entire educational system in order to promote the ability to think creatively from a young age. Simply super.

A nice point which kind of sums it all up!

There is obviously a judgment call happening as soon as you use the word "value" -- value to whom? It actually doesn't matter what the answer is (niche, mainstream, mass etc) -- but if you can also identify the person or group or segment or company who will benefit, then your creativity becomes less about you and more part of the world.

I see Jed Alger is a friend of yours and appears on the amazing number of Jennifers track.

I worked with Jed years ago on a Sun project. Any chance you have his contact information?

BTW we are looking for an account planner for a brand project. We're in Los Angeles, and if you know anyone, please feel free to let me know.


I love this guy - first saw him when I shared a platform with him at a bizarre insurance industry conference. Its not just what he says but the utterly extraordinary way he presents. Chased out of the UK by all accounts having got fed up with Blunkett, New Labour and their approach to education.

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