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This is wondeful.

Paul Smith does this kind of "twist" thing really well. Just when you think it might get a bit clich├ęd he surprises you again. I suspect this is down to the personality of the founder rather than any clever agency though?

Oh defnitely. I'm sure it's all Mr Smith. Which is another reason it's so good. It feels like him.

it's beautiful. We put a number of photos up a few weeks ago when I popped by. I'm checking it this weekend. Just to get my pink in. The only problem is - the roof isn't pink - it doesn't show up on Google Earth!!

It's a fantastic store - noticeable, inviting and very Paul Smith. I also love the language in the window - isn't 'warm sale' so much more appealing than 'winter sale'?

Paul Smith is so damn cool and the new store is very him. It's also fantastic marketing and great for 'standing out' when vying for custom!

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