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No doubt you'll have seen this on the BBC News site: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4780774.stm

It's also flagged on the homepage. Looks like you might make Newsnight soon!

Have you had a look at any of the cafes on the isle of wight, take a look at egons in cowes, great food, its a bit bizarre as its a joke shop as well and the walls are plastered with poems for sale. Rod who is the owner is a marvelous guy, lively and knows his stuff.

Russell, yours is the best of that lot, when are you going to have a book signing???

how do I get a signed copy in the US??

I miss asking for "scrambled egg and mushroom on 2 toast, please", btw

I'm happy to sign anything if anyone wants to send it me.

Or let me know the address and pay me £9.99 via paypal and I'll happily stick it in the post. (And maybe you could add a reasonable amount for postage)

You should be warned though that the more valuable copies will probably be the rare unsigned ones.

do you know of (or care for) the pop group Saint Etienne? I love them and their quintessential British sound - perhaps "mario's cafe" (the song and/or their compliation) as the audiowash to a book presentation...on an early Sunday evening show on Radio 6? ouh...tingling thinking about it!

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