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Hi thr,

Pepsi India did a campaign on this whole bubble thingy few months back. It was 'Oye bubbly' (Translated: Hey bubbly). The jingle was very nice and became a hit, "Hey bubbly, hey bubbly, be my lover bubbly, I wanna be your man"


I always eat the frothy bit of the capaccino before drinking the coffee part. It feels like cheating and it feels good.

I used to blow into the straw of my chocolate milk so that it would bubble up to the top... I would then drink all the bubbles as quickly as possible, before they disappeared.

Modern high gastronomy has some dishes with bubble emphasis ("Champagne grapes" from Homaru Cantu, "Aires y espumas" from the Culinary God Ferrán Adriá). Really, you're eating air or CO2 but is an incredible experience and I think you'd like a lot.

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