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Ah, three more posts to see (thanks!)

Russell, how does one (gasp, splutter, cough) institutionalise flow

blimey, what a question.

could you? should you? but, if you could, how interesting...

you should proabably ask the computer games industry how to do it. They can build it into games.

Most corporate environments seem designed to block flow just as it gets going.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi 's book seems to suggest this just as well.

Am an avid gamer and enjoy the regular ole music (customised playlists et al..;) like any other odd bloke - engagement value tends to degenerate esp with RPG's (imho entirely!) arcade sims are perhaps slightly better at this?

That book ("Flow") suggests severe rec activity (ho hum, the odd rollick in the haystack, playing a piece of music, or even a runner's high!) - just how do you agency chaps manage it? Perhaps even away days activites could do this?

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