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Russell, have you seen the new Honda Element online game?

After you get at the instructions, the gopher hanging from a tree says: "Pretty basic stuff. If you have any questions, ask a seven-years old kid. She'll be able to figure it out".

Is exactly the point you were making here. Have you ever noticed how five or six years old are able to intuitively put their hands on some electronic device they've never seen before when we, the so-called-adults, are struggling through tons of pages of instructional blurb?

I am beginning to think something that may sound weird: Noam Chomsky talked about a generative grammar, as a DNA-based capability to learn and understand all the human languages even those further from our native one.
Could we talk about some kind of technological grammar who's becoming DNA-based for the young generations?
An inner instinctive knowledge of the use of technological devices?

Does this makes sense at all?

more from Wired:


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