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I know I'm probably going to be shot down in flames for saying this, but I often feel that many of the creative business's I come into contact with are stuck in a cliché of what they think is 'creative'. When in fact they often look the same as one another, there a bit like petrol stations in that regard – variations on the same theme.


very true, very true.

maybe there's another good post in listing the creative cliches. I'd start with a pool table but I know you're a fan.

The pool table is my cliché limit - I refuse to go in W&K's 'padded cell'.

(To me creative companies are a bit like stand-up comedians, often they think they are pushing the boundaries of creativity, when in fact few of them really are. Mostly they're adhering to the norms within their industries.)

Hate to say this, but try defining "creativity" - it's everywhere around you, isn't it?

Heavy industry tends to be creative, dying categories need to be, as a matter of course. As do those pursuing growth.

I really don't see any harm in touting creative licence. After all, clients look to us to generate better ideas that escalate (the level of debate)/alleviate problems or simply make things faster, don't you think?

Abs. no harm in touting creativity. It's self-fulfilling, imho - entirely.

Bruce Mau has what he calls an Incomplete Manifesto.

Number 39 reads: Coffee breaks, cab rides, green rooms. Real growth often happens outside of where we intend it to, in the interstitial spaces -- what Dr. Seuss calls "the waiting place." Hans Ulrich Obrist once organized a science and art conference with all of the infrastructure of a conference -- the parties, chats, lunches, airport arrivals — but with no actual conference. Apparently it was hugely successful and spawned many ongoing collaborations.


Perhaps it's a step away, but there's a nice book called Behind The Beat that shows the creative spaces of some fine DJs/producers. Kind of gets me salivating even though I ended my wanna-be-a-DJ phase many years ago. For what it's worth, my creative space (my study at home) is painted lemon yellow, which seems to help.

Thank You!

For making this mere mortals image famous. I am honored that you featured it here.

Creative spaces from a slightly different perspective:


keep up the good work!



excellent point Asi. I guess book covers could go soon too, if the Sony digital book thing takes off.

Lemon yellow, very apt for a member of the banana squahing crew!

The comedian analogy is very apt...

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