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Same problem I had with Ofoto [now kodak photo gallery or whatever] when compared to Flickr.

Make it simple, stupid!

Hilariously - Kodak have recently started emailing me offering 10 free prints for filling out a survey to help them improve the service. Too late.

Trying to understand why, apart from the really poor functionality of the site and the fact that you can't browse without signing up, which stunted any viral growth, the 2 are so different.


Kodak - online photo gallery used as tool to sell prints.

Flickr: online photo sharing. Then went on to sell subs and eventually a printing service.

I think that's the lesson that Web 2.0 stuff is teaching us.

Be useful.

To begin with make fans, not customers.

Then offer additional services to build revenue. Your fans will be happy to support you.

Funny to see this on your blog - I was planning on taking a first date there on Sunday! Would it be a good place for such a thing? Assuming she doesn't hate Mr Men or that an ex didn't used to pet name her "Little Miss XYZsomething"? In fact I've answered my own banal question. Sorry for wasting the Internet.

omg, Double-sorry, I obviously meant to post this under the Mr Men gallery post.


Mr Dull and Inept

Dear Mr Dull and Inept,

Assuming, as you say, that your date has had no childhood Mr Men related traumas then I think it'll be a fine first date. A quick one though, it's more of a shop than a gallery. But once you've been there your very close to Carluccio's for a lovely lunch.

You could always take her to Giraffe, Terminal One for the second date.

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