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Heh, amazingly both sappy and relevant!

Theres so much to be learnt from the way children look at things. As you say, the idea of not being in a bubble as you walk past street vendors and leafleters is refreshing.

Even in an advertising and marketing context, there is much to be learnt from the idea: Those we think we are supposed to be teaching/informing; why not let them inform us. Instead of telling people what we think will sell to them, we should spend more time learning what they are open to and interested in. (and I dont mean market research as such..!)

Its good having my little brother about, he always provides me with a different less cyncical viewpoint on the world.

Kids rock but they also pull legs off innocent insects and gang up on each other. The smile thing though is great. Next time you accept change, don't look at the money, smile at the service person from your eyes. Nothing cheesy. Just a small appreciative smile and you get a huge beamer back. Small insight but powerful. Learnt that off kids.

Here on the University of Texas at Austin campus with 50,000 students, we have a lot of people handing out flyers for who knows what. And it really does suck to stand there when everyone passes you saying, "no thanks."

Arthur must be very smart for a five year old to be able to empathize with people already!

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