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We can't get ours setup through the corporate environment. Sad really.

I was looking forward to my first (and last?) experience with cutting edge French technology.

Maybe I'll take it home and set it up.

Have you got it's ears to wiggle yet? All we've gotten it to do is to sigh and have it's belly blink at us. As Alex says, the corporate environment is limiting the bunny's magic. And I want some technological, ambient magic here! Especially from something that looks like a bunny...sigh!

I think maybe there's an analogy here about corporate environments - are they places where you can really wiggle your ears?

I have been experimenting with one of these for a while.

+ it's SOOO cute.
+ it's odd and french

- i bought it under the assumption that the open source community of cool geeks that got these rabbits would be producing tons of useful plug ins and widgets for it, but this hasn't happened. (yet)

- as you describe, even keen tech savvy people like us can't actually get it fulfil even a tenth of it's potential

I reckon the company that make this rabbit should release everything open source, encourage people to hack the rabbit, and forget about revenue from their walled garden rabbit services. Do things like give free rabbits to prolific tech labs, nerds at MIT and set nabaztag coding challenges.

It would increase the quality of product by leaps and bounds, and the PR generated by people hacking the rabbit to do things that the parent company never dreamed of would be phenomenal. I think.

Like the lego mindstorms case study we keep reading about.

As it stands, though, I can't recommend the rabbit to anyone. Which is a shame as I like it a lot.

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