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Russell you are so encouraging, it's great for all of us having a mentor like you.
This said can I ask you a question? How would you feel about a video/audio podcast or a post about the differences of working as a planner in the agency or on the client side? It would be really interesting...

*waves arm in the air!*

My ad-pit blog is up, and my personal site is in development!

I second the appreciation of encouragement, you were kind enough to send a few words of wisdom when I visited W+K which were really useful.

Russell, thanks so much for the Skeeballers shoutout! We started this blog this semester as a way for us aspiring planners at UT to have a voice in what's going on out their in the world; culture, art or ads, we love it all. We'll continue to visit daily...it's part of our "what we do before coffee every morning" routine.


What a great idea - to create a collection of Planning sites - my bookmarks thank you.

And to the Skeetballers - hook'em. Good to see the alma mater is still turning out great talent.


Hi Russell,

Your last point about being able to see who's out there is interesting - I'd like to think that a blog allows you to get a much better sense of what a person is all about than any cover letter, CV or application form. How many of those can give such a textured feel for a person, and in so many forms (textual, photos, video...)?

That's one of the reasons I decided to set up blogs to document my own career (http://alexlewiscv.blogspot.com) and my thinking (http://planningarsenal.blogspot.com).

Finally, it's so nice to see someone really enthusiastic about young people and what their thinking can bring to the table. But I guess another great thing about blogs is that they can be 'ageless' - meaning their audience doesn't form the preconceptions based on seniority or experience that you may get from face-to-face meetings.


Thanks Russle, the mother and father of all (would be) planners...keep up the good work. very best


yo! just thought I would shout in. I'm the Junior Planner at glue London, a digital ad agency. Liking it so far - be nice to hear from anyone doing anything similar or who wants to know more!



Your blog is a great source of daily inspiration for me. I went to an ad school a couple years back, but continiually find myself checking your blog for insightful suggestions to become a better planner. Thanks

Thanks Russell,

You've not only inspired me but made blogging for aspiring planners infectitious. Your latest mash-up podcast was insightful, entertaining and I keep checking iTunes for the next release.

I started blogging about a year ago and try and keep up betweek school and work ... but I never miss reading your.

Here's a link to my blog:

My website:



Thanks for the inspiration. Believe or not, my girlfirend and I are both planners and met two years ago at an agency in St. Louis at the beginning of our careers. Not sure if you've encountered a planning couple before but it seems to be working so far. Anyway, our blog is as follows if anyone wants a few point/counterpoint discussions:



HI Russell,

I'm a French Planner, trainee at AKQA London... Here is my blog http://de-but-en-blanc.over-blog.com/

This is a great idea...


I thank you for your comment.

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