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Im after reading Freakenomics now a less than scandalously priced paperback is available.

Any recommendation as to which of these is the best for me to read first?

Hi Russell ...

You might like to know that we're putting the finishing touches to a planning book which involves many of the techniques detailed in Freakonomics - except we're partnered with an ex-FBI profiler who, lets be honest, has been doing this sort of thing for years.

The book includes some tips to 'capture the real pulse of the World' as well as some of our case studies for brands like Virgin, Apple and Interflora to name but a few.

As an aside, if you want to read the subliminal habits of humans [albeit, the subliminal habits of BAD humans] read anything by Paul Britton - he's who got us interested in this area a few years ago.

As good as Freakonomics is, it's simply the latest example of a person who finds solutions by looking at things differently ... and hopefully when we finally get off our arses and finish our book, we'll be the latest people purr over.

Plug over ... ta.


Mr Mortimer ... long time no speak. How the hell are you?

hello robs,

Rob 1. - Read them all. And read what Rob 2 has suggested too. He always seems smart.

Rob 2. - that sounds fascinating. If you'd like to send a review copy (when it's done) feel absolutely free.

I've liked and rather enjoyed Hartford - esp. the simplicity of it all. Visuals of Ricardian rent theory from college kept cropping up!

Thank you for the heads up on the url. Non sequiter this, but also got an email today from my bos with a speech by John Shaw in Colombo - so yes, been a nice "brain fodder day"

The issue that bothers me often is how relevant is this sort of simplicity when it comes to a fast growing economy? - Fundamentals still apply, but the dynamics of retail are well, overwhelming at times.


I shall get started! Long trip to London this weekend, might try and get one for the journey. Rob2 is yet to advise me wrong on interesting things!


Sounds like a good read.

Im good! The worst of the work site rebuilding is thankfully over ! The most tiring thing ive done in years. Finally have time to get my "graduate bob" site ready to go.

Hows life as a cynic? :)


Rusell and Rob ... hello, hope you are both fit and well.

Russell: Of course we'll bung you a copy - it's almost finished, I'm just waiting for George and Andy to get off their collective arses and finish the last bit of research. [They're working with Paul - the Foresnsic Profiler I mentioned - so his crime work comes before our book, which is a shame, haha] However I think you'll like it, the cultural insight chapter should - at the very least - cause diverse opinions of which we'd love to hear yours.

Rob: Glad to hear you've almost finished all the backup stuff, how is everything else going? We're good, lets email [this is Russell's site afterall] and catch up properly

Oh, Russell ... I was talking to the Naked boys about you and I thought you'd like to know that one of them [no, not John] said you're slowly becoming more powerful than Ming the Merciless from Flash Gordon. I'm inclined to agree, haha.

Got to shoot, big match for Forest.

Do not speak to me of the puny Ming.

Does he have a small professionally oriented blog and another one about cafes and that?

No. He does not.

He has only a vast army and a fleet of mighty spacecraft. He has no ability to derive small insights from superficial observation and wrap them in effective powerpoint.

Only, I - Darth Strategist - have these abilities.

Oh, except for a bunch of other people.

1-1 with Bournemouth. It's so humbling.

1-1 with Yeovil is ... I am sad to say ... better than when I took my other half to her first ever Forest match and they lost to soddin' Darlington 3-1. Oh how the mighty have fallen, except for you Monsieur Darth Strategist - you still rock of course.

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