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They got me to speak about marketing to them young people at a conference out here in Oz - was funny - but then again as the only person in the room wearing trainers I guess who else would you ask ;)

Changing face of youth, chief: meet the grup - the death of the generational gap. Apparently.


I wouldn't worry about it either Russell. You're as cool as anyone. I constantly find myself enjoying grown up luxuries like high teas and going to spas, yet I'm a scruffy, beer-guzzling 24 yr old working in an agency.

It's the fragmentation of hobbies and lifestyles.

Hi Russell,
As I was reading your post I was thinking about an upcoming youth marketing conference where I've been asked to both speak and DJ (and I'm no spring chicken).

(That "grups" article hit close to home on a few points, too)

It is not the age of the speaker that is important. It is about the authenticity and honesty which comes through in what you say. There is much that we all learn by visiting and reading your blog ... one of the more important ones is generosity.

bless you all. The Grup thing alarms me. I don't like being identified as a target.

But I'm going to embrace my pipe and slippers.

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