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I'm not going to mock it; I think you are spot on, particularly with the first answer.

Consumer dominated media will begin to rule the roost - the amount of members YouTube now possesses is testament to that.


Does Campaign Magazine understand where its future lies? When will they stop charging us fees to access their online magazine?

Russell [or should I say, Mr Romance] this has nothing to do with the subject - I just wanted to say your 'film' is beautiful, though I'm not really sure why. Abit like the plastic bag scene in American Beauty.

Anyway, if you want to know the damage you've done on my relationship [again] ... my response in on my blog. I'd email you, but my bloody phone has had a mental session and won't bring up my contacts details.

Hope you're tops ...

I think I agree with all of that.


There is definitely going to be an explosion of Chinese brands, and if they are ahead of the game (so to speak) then it could definitely change things significantly.

Lenovo are one of the first to make the move, after their IBM computer buyout.

I agree about Nike, they seem to be one of the few BIG non-media brands that really grasp the idea of using media in original ways.

Wanna hear something scary? The final of the China equivilent of 'Pop Idol' was watched by FOUR HUNDRED MILLION PEOPLE - making the winner the most popular popstar in the World!

However, whether the show will have a repeat performance is still in debate as the Chinese Government felt very uncomfortable that the population were able to cast individual votes [via SMS] ... meaning that democracy was experienced by the masses.

Russell, did you read the book Who's afraid of Niketown?
I know it's an anti-Nike book, but it offers some interesting points (and I think in the end it only demonstrates how Nike is able to build a 360° brand identity by bringing into realities claims like Just do It).
Anyway the scenario the whole book portrays definitely points out how Nike already is a media brand.
Isn't Joga Bonito a TV Show (here in italy hosted on SKY)?
So the path is already traced. Maybe it will require some shiftings, maybe will evolve into something different.But it's there.
My question is how traditional media will react to this. Will they become 360° brands themselves?
Or just be "media supports" (meaning paper, tv stations... all without content)?

The Joga event is being shown on Sky this weekend apparently.

Apparently it's still easier for traditional media to expand within their own business first, because they already have the credibility, expertise and audiences for it.

Why would they take a boat up the sea if there's still enough fish to catch by the pier?

Building a 360-degree brand sounds cool and looks powerful, but I doubt whether it is the most profitable option for every company.

Then again, interesting report here about a recent DECLINE in VOD ratings in the U.S.


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