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Wonderful stuff!

Trying my best to ensure Stewart's paper is reproduced in as near its original form in the APG awaards book for 2005.

Thank you for sharing this. I've loved reading Stewart's as well in the past. Especially since we tend to follow the auto business a lot here.

Sometimes i wonder if it's just a function of how much the penetration of automobiles is (in your culture) but then again, the simplicity of the idea floors me, Every Single Time.

The other learning is the bit you've mentioned on being trite and writing "proposition" slides. Thank you many times over, will try not to fall into the formulatic insight/proposition/benefit/support/approach anymore.

you know there's nothing wrong with writing propositions etc per se. It's just that sometimes they're too simplistic for the job. But not all the time, and they're still something you should know how to do. They can solve a lot of problems.

On the subject of the validity of automotive brand values - I came across this competition for matching car brands to their values. http://tinyurl.com/j88v7

The brands are very different. On the whole their values are not. Conclusion - the values aren't properly encapsulating the brand.

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