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Yes yes yes. Dave O'Hanlon - he of legendary Tango planning fame and semotician to the stars - commented on a post recently on something I was up to recalling a very simple description of the process of commercial creativity. It is simply about taking a set of signs (note semiotic jargon) from one arena of our lives and using them to create meaning in another. One of the clearest examples of this was your Honda Channel No5 ad. OLE.


John Grant has a new model for understanding brands that I like - a molecular model that shows all the different ideas linked together that form a brand impression in your head.

Most models of memory assume it works associately - or hypertextually if you will - so makes total sense.

But - are there then some ideas that are easier to link to certain brands, that will embed themselves more easily, than others?

Or could you link a brand to anything?

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